Training Services for Educators and Institutions

Trainings for principals, teachers, parents and family engagement. Including the National Family Engagement Summit which is an annual professional development opportunity for educators.

Principals Training

This training provides new and experienced principals with strategies to support school improvement, teacher retention, leadership development, and student achievement. Trainings are customized based on the needs and goals of the school.


National Family Engagement Summit

This is an annual professional development opportunity for educators to support strategic family and school partnerships.

Parent Coordinators Training

This training prepares parent coordinators and family engagement liaisons with the skills needed to succeed in their job responsibilities. Topics include: Building Parent Advocates, Effective Outreach Strategies, Essential Communication Techniques, and Creative Engagement Strategies. (*Optional resource: Parent Coordinator’s Training Manual can be purchased to support the key modules in this training )

Family Engagement Trainings

These trainings will help build the capacity of educators to support collaborative family and school partnerships. Topics include: Creating a Welcoming Environment, Strategies for Effective Male Engagement, Techniques to Engage Diverse Families, and Supporting Immigrant Families.