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Empower Parents, Enhance Outreach, Measure Results

Get Started Today for as Low as $2500 Per School

Family Engagement On Demand uses the power of video modeling to provide parents with practical strategies and skills to support their child’s learning.

Research Connection: Dr. Ruby Payne has identified three essential elements to outreach effectively to families:

  • The use of video modeling

  • The use of verbal and visual information (as opposed to just verbal/ written information)

  • The use of training on simple, how-to activities that parents can do with children.

(Source: Working with Parents: Building Relationships for Students Success.  Ruby Payne, Ph.D., 2006)

Real Time Reporting

Our revolutionary on-demand platform provides real-time data reporting with concise charts and graphs to analyze and measure family engagement outside of the school setting.  Detailed reporting metrics help administrators identify exactly which families are engaged to help with individualizing your outreach efforts.


DID YOU YOU KNOW that Family Engagement on Demand aligns with the Head Start Performance Standards?

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Professional Videos

The platform features high definition live action videos with an ethnically diverse cast of professional adult actors & bilingual children who effectively model strategies and tips in an engaging way to help parents support their child’s learning from early childhood to high school.

Ready Made Workshop Tools

In addition to our extensive library of parent resources, we also provide school systems with ready-made parent workshop tools, materials and templates to facilitate powerful parent workshops and parent academies.  The platform is constantly expanding and all members with active accounts will receive new resources at no additional cost.

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